Salmon and milk go very well together. It contains high proteins. And the peppermint is a refreshing addition. You also get a lot of spinach and it’s very healthy.

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Ingredients for 1 serving

  1. 3.5oz (100g) salmon
  2. 3.5 oz (100g) spinach
  3. 4/5 cup milk
  4. 1 tsp of consomme
  5. a tea bag of peppermint tea
  6. 1/2 cup hot water
  7. 1 tbsp of butter
  8. 2 tsp of olive oil
  1. Pour 1/2 cup hot water (peppermint tea bag). After 5min, remove the tea bag.

2. Cut the salmon in half.

3. Light the pot over low heat. Put the olive oil. Please use Teflon coated pots, because fish tend to stick to the pot.

4. Place and brown the salmon.

5. Once the salmon is cooked, pour the 1/2 cup peppermint tea.

6. Put 1 tsp consomme. Boil 5 min over middle heat.

7. After 5 min, pour 4/5cup milk.

8. Once the pot comes to a boil, add the spinach. Boil 2 minutes.

9. At last, add the 5g butter. It is done!

Salmon, milk, and spinach go very well together. It is very healthy!